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ACCA & Ms Magdalene SBL videos please scroll down

You want to know how to PASS SBL. What are the factors?

1.  Student Effective Learning

Reasonable Small class size. Most colleges recommend small class size. Lecturers who attended ACCA SBL workshops in UK, Singapore, KL and Guangzhou, China understand effective teaching and effective learning should be small class size.

2. Experienced lecturers and knowledge of SBL

Since last year 2017, Magdalene and Laurence have prepared themselves how to deliver and guide students on SBL They have

a. Attended ACCA SBL workshops

b. In March 2018, they have sat for SBL Mock Exam prepared by ACCA UK

c. Attended series of ACCA webinar – tutor marking, preparing SBL course, SBL Tutor drop in session allows lecturers to ask questions and many more.

3. ACCA Approved Learning Materials – BPP Workbook and revision kit

ACCA SBL examiner team has reviewed and approved our BPP workbook and revision kit. Students will get a copy and will benefit them. Come over to review the workbook and revision kit.

4. Value for money – Failing cost more money

We must take into consideration of the qualities…includes the following

a. Reasonable Small Class Size

b. Lecturers have spent many hours preparing for their classes eg sat for SBL Mock Exam prepared by ACCA UK

c. ACCA Approved Study Materials.


Magdalene’s SBL Videos

a. Introduction to SBL click here

b. SBL Professional Skills Part 1 click here

c. SBL Professional Skills Part 2 click here


ACCA’s SBL Video – Best Practise (Click here)


Who should attend?

1. Students who are looking for Small Class Size, Quality course and support

2. Students who wanted to gain 20 Professional marks. Magdalene and Laurence will guide you how to gain easy marks.

3. ALL NEW Students and those who have studied either P1 or P3 before will be advantages.


Learning Outcome

1. Focus on passing exam (50 marks)

2. Assist students (resit or 1st attempt) to understand the requirement of the exam questions

3. Apply exam technique to gain easy marks.


Lecturing Team

Generally more than 10 years of teaching experiences locally and overseas.

July 22, 2018