About ALC Centre

About Us

Advanced Learning Centre (ALC Centre) is founded by Daniel Lee and who have more than 20 years experience in running professional and training courses.

ALC Centre offers ACCA courses to train students on how to apply exam techniques to pass ACCA examination.

ALC Centre is exploring and designing various training courses to meet market needs for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes. These technical and soft skills seminars are designed to enhance the skills of the professional workforce, thereby assisting the nation in achieving employable talents as well as meeting the K-economy concept in Malaysia.


Taught, Revision, Blended Learning and Online Courses

Continuous Professional Development

Highly Skilled & Experienced Speakers – 1st 1st Choice in Kuala Lumpur!

ALC Lecturers are highly trained and skilled in their respective taught subjects. The team members are briefed on each course on the course structure and the delivery on each course. Our commitment to enhance your success.

Small Group! Opportunity of high interaction between participants and lecturers

THERE is no cramped or sandwiched space with endless hours of non-stop courses. Our course room size accommodates between 25 to 60 persons which is comfortable enough for a conducive study environment. Visit us to view our modest yet suitable study classrooms environment.

Usually our speakers’ load is 3 to 7 hours a day. So as to optimise mental absorption rate. This will balance between courses and personal study time.

July 28, 2018