ACCA ATX – Mr. Andrew Tan, FCCA, CPA(M), CA(M), MEd and Mr Hendry Pang CPA(M), CA(M)

Mr Andrew Tan


He has been teaching for more than 10 years in delivering lectures, coaching and mentoring skills on Taxation. He is a marker for one of the Professional bodies (Not ACCA) and also a moderator for one of the Public Universities. He is committed towards student success and provide support after classes. Being low profile, he also has produced Malaysia Prize winners award with track records of high passing rate.

Mr Hendry Pang


Mr Hendry has been teaching for more than 9 years of specialising in management & financial accounting and taxation papers. He was trained as an auditor by Evatt & Co/ Price Waterhouse & Co (now known as PricewaterhouseCoopers) for few years and then moved on to commercial as Chief Accountants. Mr Hendry also has involved with the Institute of Bankers, Malaysia as Registrar (membership/ Examinations). Finally, he has found teaching as his passion and continues to give his best to coach and teach students to pass Professional Qualification exams.

ATX Andrew Tan Lesson 1.1 pioneer status


ATX Lesson 1.2 Investment Tax Allowance


ATX Lesson 1.3 R&D part 1


ATX Lesson 2.1 Business Combination


ATX Lesson 2.3 Group Relief


ATX Intensive revision course part 1


ATX Intensive revision course part 2


ATX Hendry Pang S2 WB


ATX S2.1 Capital Allowances & Charges – Plant (1)


ATX S2.3 Capital Allowances & Charges – Building (1)


ATX S2.5 Capital Allowances & Charges – Agriculture



Testimonials from ATX Students

I was struggling to pass my ATX-MYS which was my last subject of ACCA journey. I have failed ATX for 3 times. The marks were always within 37 -41, and I didn't understand why, as I did attend to part time classes (other colleges) and practice to do past year papers. I was kind of loss and nervous as March 2021 will be the last session of paper exam method and I do not wish to spend more time to get use with CBE method. Until I saw Elite's ads while scrolling FB, and I decided to give it a try to attend Elite's ATX IRC. My decision was right. Mr. Andrew's videos were useful for me. Watching through his videos made me understand clearer about the topics. His notes are simplified and clear, which he summarised some difficult topics into tables, makes student easy to memorise. And most important, he teaches the exam techniques, and let students know, how should students answer to get marks in exam, which I think it's the key to pass my ATX this time. In addition, during the live session class, he prepared us what to expect for the exam, so we don't get panic and get shocked in exam hall. Moreover, Mr.Andrew is very patient in answering students' question. I'm so much grateful that he replied my enquiries through Whatsapp messages really quick during my study week. Thank you so much for your time and dedication Mr.Andrew!!!
Evanne (Tan Ying Hwei)
ATX Student - Mar'2021 exams
I would like to thank Mr Andrew (ATX), Mr Haneef and Ms Wong (SBR) for their effective teaching and guidance which made me passed my ATX and SBR in March 2021 sitting. The encouragement they gave has built my confidence when facing ACCA.
Kah Yee
ATX & SBR Student - Mar'2020 exams
Mr Andrew, thank you so much for your guidance. Your detailed explanations, notes and videos really helped a lot for me to understand the concept 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Chee Teng
ATX Student - Mar'2021 exams
The ATX revision classes were really useful! Going through the past year papers really prep us on what to expect for the September exams. ATX questions are rather complicating and long. But your guidance has made it easier for us to comprehend and tackle the questions accordingly. In addition, the notes and videos provided by you and Elite were also useful. I fully utilize these resources and it has helped me gain a better understanding of the topics as well as learn additional things that I have missed during my classes in TARUC. University Overall, it was indeed really helpful and I enjoyed the classes a lot! Thank you for your time teaching us and I really appreciate your dedication as a lecturer.
Caroline Ng
ACCA Accelerate Student - Sept'2020 exams
I would recommend Mr Andrew's ATX class if you struggle to understand ATX, I really learnt to greater appreciate the technicality of Tax since he teaches his real work experience. So you will understand why the tax laws work in such a way, and to me understanding rather than memorizing is better. Makes you a better professional wouldn’t you agree?
ATX Student - Sept'2020 exams
January 13, 2019