ACCA SBL – Mr Alex Chan, ASA, MBA, BSc

Alex Chan is the associate member of CPA Australia. He also accomplished his MBA qualification (Victoria University, Australia) which further enables him to inspire the students with greater depth of strategic thinking in higher level subjects. He believes in exploring students’ own initiative to strive for success and excellence and is always passionate about his role as a trainer of future accountants as well as corporate leaders in the 21st century.

Alex has been teaching Professional Qualification for more than 13 years and he specialises in corporate governance, risk management and business analysis.

SBL Lesson 2.1 Chp 1 Leadership Theory, Leadership Terminology

SBL Lesson 2.2 Chp 1 Culture, Cultural Web

SBL Lesson 3.2 Chp 4 CSF, KPI, Competitive Advantage

SBL Lesson 3.3 Chp 4 Market Segmentation, Target Market

SBL Lesson 3.4 Chp 5 Strategic Capability, Resources, Competences, Learning Organisation, Knowledge Management

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Testimonials from SBL Students

I am fortunate enough to have Ms Mag and Mr Hazrul as my lecturers to assist me in passing my SBL. Mr Hazrul's class is very dynamic where he frequently uses real life examples so that we could better grasp the different concepts and models. Furthermore, he also practices example questions in class so that we are able to get used to writing our answers in the exam. Ms Mag also explains her area of the syllabus very well and helps us dissect what the examiners want from the students' answers. She also willingly marks our past year attempts and never fails to give constructive and timely feedback. I will be forever grateful to both of them for their guidance and exam technique which has helped me in passing this paper. Thank you Ms Mag and Mr Hazrul!
Hew Ting Yi
SBL Student - Jun'2021 exams (82 marks)
I manage to passed my SBL (in 1st attempt)! Ms Mag is really an excellent tutor. She tells you exactly what does the examiner expects in your answer. She will give the example of how to answer the question and let u try and she will give advice on which part can be improve. And she is willing to further explain if you are still unsure. Not only that, she still explains to you promptly even you whatsapp her after class time! Following her instructions and you definitely can do well in your exam! For SBL, there is another lecturer –Mr Hasrul. He explains clearly in revision class how the lecturer giving the mark and the technique to answer the question. Both lecturers are really willing to help you to pass the exam. They also willing to help you to mark the mock exam you have try and give you recommend which part need to enhance. Thanks again to Mr Daniel, Ms Mag and Mr Hasrul!
Tan Sze Xiuan
SBL Student - Dec'2020 exams
The session with Ms Mag was very interactive as she always make sure students participate in all discussions. Due to COVID-19 we only had the opportunity to do two/three sessions of face to face classes and the remaining sessions were through online. It became more challenging for Ms Mag as all of us hid behind the screen, but she always kept us attentive to the syllabus and asked for feedback from all students during the online sessions. Being a working adult and at times struggle to devote times for revision, I’m glad that I have passed SBL at first attempt! Definitely wouldn’t have done this without Ms Mag notes and exam techniques.
Grace Poon Ooi Yee
SBL Student - Dec'2020 exams
I have passed my SBL (1st attempt) and SBR (2nd attempt) course with Elite International College. Their lecturers and online class videos are helping me so much in my exams.
ACCA Accelerate Student - Sept'2020 exams
January 13, 2019