ACCA SBR – Ms. Wong Paik Wan, FCCA, CA(M), ACTIM

Paik Wan has been teaching for more than 15 years specialising in Accounting and Taxation papers. She has attended various ACCA workshops and seminars organised by ACCA. She has a very engaging personality and lecturing style. Students enjoy her class and she develops a very strong rapport with her students. She is committed towards student success and provide support after classes. She also has produced Malaysia Prize winners.

SBR Lesson 1.1 Introduction to SBR

SBR Lesson 1.2 IAS 19 (Short-term benefits)

SBR Lesson 1.3 IAS 19 (Defined Contribution Plans)

SBR Lesson 1.4 IAS 19 (Defined Benefits Plan)

SBR Lesson 1.5 IAS 19 (Activity 4)

SBR Lesson 3.2 IAS 32 Q1 in Revision Kit

SBR Lesson 3.3 IAS 32 Debt & Equity Classification

SBR Lesson 3.4 IFRS 9 Recognition & Derecognition

SBR Lesson 3.5 IFRS 9 Activity 1 Derecognition

SBR Lesson 3.6 IFRS 9 Measurement

SBR Lesson 3.7 IFRS 9 Activity 2(1) Measurement of F.A

SBR Lesson 3.8 IFRS 9 Activity 2(2) Measurement of F.A

SBR Lesson 3.9 Activity 3 Measurement of F.L

Testimonials from SBR Students

I registered SBR with Mr Daniel and attended his talk when he Is giving guidance about ACCA professional papers. I undertook IRC program for SBR 2020 with Mr Haneef. Mr Haneef is a good lecturer and gives a lot of guidance on how to tackle the questions. He is also patient in guiding us steps by steps in his classes. Thanks to Mr Haneef, I able to grasp the topic of SBR in a more understanding approach and this lead to me to passing this paper with my first attempt. Thanks to Mr Daniel for having this program.
Tan Sher Rynn
SBR Student - Dec'2020 exams
Ms Wong Paik Wan has developed strong determination to nurture students in an efficient and effective way. She has always made things simple in any areas which might be confusing and to give student a holistic view for tax and accounting standard. Providing students with full understanding on the topics is always her concern. Moreover, she is also a very helpful and friendly lecturer. Without a doubt, she has a strong sense responsibility towards her students, allowing them to learn more deeply. She never hesitates to give support to her students via email or whatsapp. Hence, I would like to take this chance to thank you Miss Wong for being such a remarkable lecturer in my ACCA journey. I am grateful for her patience and knowledge which she has passed down to me and enable me to have competitive advantage in the workplace.
Wong Chung Sheng
SBR Student - Dec'2020 exams
Thank you so much Ms Wong. Couldn’t have done it without your guidance and most important your phrase of “no answer no marks” is one of the main reason that drive me to put down an answer when I was doubtful on some Qs in the exam hall. Very grateful to you for that.
Amita Swaminathan
SBR Student - Sept'2020 exams
I have passed my SBL (1st attempt) and SBR (2nd attempt) course with Elite International College. Their lecturers and online class videos are helping me so much in my exams.
ACCA Accelerate Student - Sept'2020 exams
January 13, 2019