ACCA APM – Mr Chan Tze Kang, FCCA, ACA

He has been teaching for more than 15 years specialising in Strategic Management Accounting and Strategic Financial Management for various professional accountancy programs including ACCA & CIMA. Being internationally exposed, he has taught in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Uganda. He is committed towards student success and provide support after classes. He also has produced Malaysia Prize winners.

APM Lesson L1.5-1Aug-part5of6-Overview of syllabus

APM Lesson L3.1-5Aug-part1of5-U1-JIT,TQM

APM Lesson L3.2-5Aug-part2of5-U1-Quality cost

APM Lesson L3.4-5Aug-part4of5-M20Q3,Changes in inf.system

APM Revision Rev.1.1-part1of3-24Nov-Feedback from past exam and key areas for Dec 21

APM Rev.1.3-part3of3-24Nov-MJ21Q1

Testimonials from APM Students

Mr Chan, thank you very much for your lectures and guidance. Your tips on exam time management and exam techniques helped me a lot. For me, I find practicing those techniques numerous times with past exam papers ensures my performance in the exam hall is optimised as it will become close to second nature when answering the questions.
Mira Ariff
APM Student - Dec 2020 exams
July 16, 2019